Enclosed Delivery or Pick-up For Your Car

Exotic Car Transport

Secure, Enclosed Transportation

Motorcars International offers nationwide fully insured, enclosed delivery or pick-up of your exotic car. We will arrange to use only the most qualified transport services that specialize in exotic and luxury car hauling to assure your automobile is handled with care.

We will pick up or deliver your car anywhere in the United States or overseas. Transportation is available to those who purchase or sell us a car. Call 866-970-6800 or Email Us  for questions you may have abour shipping your and or to get a transportation quote.



Experienced Transport Carriers

We have over 35 years experience handling transportation logistics for exotic and luxury automobiles.  We can assure you that any automobile you purchase from us or buy from you will be handled with care. We employ the most qualified transport carriers in the market. They are fully insured and only hire expereinced professional drivers. Some of our preferred transport carriers we frequently use are:

Passport Transport

LA Prep Transport

We also specialize in handling International shipping for exotic, collector and luxury cars. We frequently ship to Canada and shipped vehicles to over 30 countries including Dubai, Jordan, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Laos, Korea, Hong Kong, and China. We take care of all the paperwork with customs and arrange transportation from your garage to the international shipping port.


Motorcars International Exotic Car Transportation



Enclosed Exotic Car Transportation

Exotic Car Transportation

Enclosed Exotic Car Transportation

Exotic Car Transportation